BREAKING: Trump Jr Defends Candace Owens Against “Lying POS” Newsweek

On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. took to social media to condemn Newsweek, following the outlet’s suggestion that he and African American conservative activist Candace Owens supported Adolf Hitler.

After Newsweek suggest the president’s son “praises Candace Owens for her defense of Hitler comments,” in regard to Owens’ recent testimony before House lawmakers, Trump Jr. fired back, calling the publication a “lying POS.”

During her testimony, Owens was besieged by Democrats, including Jerry Nadler and Ted Lieu, who attempted to use edited sound clips to portray Owens as a supporter of Nazi ideology.

From The Daily Caller:

D0nald Trump Jr. lashed out at Newsweek on Thursday over a tweet suggesting that both he and Candace Owens were Hitler apologists.

“Donald Trump Jr. praises Candace Owens for her defense of Hitler comments,” Newsweek’s tweet read.

Trump Jr. fired right back, saying, “Hey guys, just here for the Ratio you lying POS!!!”

The “Hitler comments” Newsweek mentioned came up during a hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism during which Owens testified. Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu played a short clip that made Owens sound as though she were defending Hitler. But as she pointed out during the hearing, it omitted some two hours of additional context.

“I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety,” Owens said.

Trump Jr. responded to Owens’ performance in that hearing, not by praising her defense of her “Hitler comments” but by commending her for calling Lieu to account for the manipulative way in which he presented part of the clip without context.

“Wow. Well done @RealCandaceO!!!” Trump Jr. tweeted. “Great to see someone call out the Dems on their purposeful manipulation of facts for their narrative. Since the media runs with anything they say and is the marketing wing of the DNC they aren’t used to getting called out for the repeated BS.”