BREAKING: Trump Cancels Government Contract for Fetal Tissue Research

In yet another bold pro-life move, President Trump just canceled the governement contract with the University of California, San Francisco, to harvest fetal tissue from voluntary abortions.

Life News reported that President Donald Trump has canceled another contract to purchase the body parts of aborted babies for research.

The Trump administration has heard the concerns of pro-life organizations and pro-life Americans upset by the news that the FDA and NIH had purchased the body parts of aborted babies for research and this is the second time a federal contract has been scrubbed.

Details uncovered by CNS News in 2018 shed light on an NIH contract with University of California San Francisco, which provides money for fetal body parts to conduct experiments involving “humanized mice.”

Aborted baby body parts used in the experiments were taken from healthy, potentially viable unborn babies. According to the report, the aborted babies were 18 to 24 weeks gestation from “women with normal pregnancies before elective termination for non-medical reasons.” Another article indicated aborted babies’ livers and thymuses also were used. They were between 20 weeks and 24 weeks gestation.

Vice President Mike Pence calls President Trump, the most “pro-life president” in U.S. history.

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From Daily Caller 

President Donald Trump is canceling a contract that provides government funding to the University of California, San Francisco for research that issues fetal tissue harvested from elective abortions.

The Trump administration first focused its sights on the contract this past September, with the National Institute of Health (NIH) warning UCSF that its $2 million annual contract for fetal tissue research would be curtailed to 90 days and possibly canceled altogether.

Senior administration officials told The Daily Caller that the contract will be officially terminated Wednesday.

The cancelation stems from a 9-month U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) review of all research involving fetal tissue from elective abortions. HHS will also install ethics boards overseeing all extramural research involving fetal tissue.

An official explained to the Caller that the move is part of “a consistent charge to take a pro-life perspective on all policies.”

Fetal tissue is used in a number of research projects that seek to find cures or treatments for diseases such as HIV and pediatric cancer by creating humanlike immune systems in mice. However, pro-life groups say that the practice is unethical and gruesome because much of the fetal tissue used in research comes from aborted babies.

The official argued that scientists have been claiming for 26 years that fetal tissue research would lead to significant medical breakthroughs, and yet “there have been exactly zero miracle cures.”

Federal support of research using fetal tissue procured from abortions was banned by law in 1988, but the ban was lifted in 1993 during the Clinton administration and Congress voted to allow government funding of the practice the same year.

The Trump administration is considering revisiting such a ban.

“You can’t rule anything out,” a senior official said. “It’s in the suite of options.”

One senior administration official told the Caller that the decision was made at the president’s direction and was a source of tension with top HHS officials over the past several months.