BREAKING: Tom Arnold Says It’s “Bad News” Don Jr. Has Not Been Robbed

On Friday, Hollywood actor-turned-activist Tom Arnold took to social media, where in a shocking display of hatred for President Trump and his family, said it was “Really bad news” that the president’s two sons, Don Jr. and Eric, have “not been robbed yet!”

Arnold, who has maintained a publicly critical stance towards President Trump throughout his administration, made his disturbing remarks in reference to the recent burglary of embattled Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home.

President Trump’s response to the robbery prompted outrage.

Arnold’s remarks drew an immediate response from Donald Trump Junior, who pointed out that both he and his brother “get daily death threats” along with “packages of white powder” mailed to their homes, calling the actor a “piece of garbage.”

Trump supporters, clearly incensed with Arnold’s dangerous and uncalled for comments, took to social media to voice their thoughts, with many making sure to notify the US Secret Service.

Others were less patient, and did not hold back letting Arnold know exactly how they felt, lamenting the loss of more relevant celebrities.