BREAKING: Third Case of Coronavirus Virus Confirmed in U.S.

A third case of the deadly coronavirus has been confirmed in the U.S in California.

Prior, there had been only two confirmed cases bur more than 60 possible cases in the U.S

TheHill reports Health officials late Saturday confirmed a third case of the new coronavirus in the U.S.

The Orange County Health Care Agency said that a patient had tested positive for the deadly disease in Southern California.

The patient, who recently traveled from Wuhan, China, is isolated in a local hospital and is reported in “good condition.”

The agency said that it is contacting anyone who had close contact with the patient and is at risk of infection.

Officials added that there is no evidence that person-to-person transmission has occurred in Orange County and said that the current risk of local transmission remains low.

Other U.S. cases of the coronavirus, which is thought to have originated in Wuhan, were reported last week in Washington state and Chicago. Both of those patients had also traveled to China, The Associated Press noted.

According to the AP, 56 people have now died from the virus in China, where multiple cities have been locked down.

Almost 2,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide, the news service added.