BREAKING: Texas House Speaker signs 52 arrest warrants for absent Dems

Tuesday, Jason Whitely of WFAA tweted:


Texas House Speaker @DadePhelan signed 52 civil arrest warrants for absent Democratic legislators, including the attached one for state [email protected]

The warrants will be delivered to the House Sergeant-at-Arms tomorrow morning.

According to a new report from USA Today:

The warrants came after Texas House Republicans voted to direct state law enforcement to track down and compel the attendance of absent Democrats by a vote of 80-12, the second time such a vote has been taken during this quorum-bust.

The warrants, first reported by the Dallas Morning News, will be delivered to the House Sergeant-at-arms Wednesday morning, according to Phelan spokesperson Enrique Marquez.

Democrats were able to avoid the reach of state lawmakers during the first special session of the year by crossing state lines for their quorum bust. But since the start of the second special session, some Democrats have begun returning to Texas, even as they continue to avoid entering the House chamber.

Texas AG Ken Paxton tweeted Tuesday  Another day, another Democrat defeat accomplished. Congratulations, @GregAbbott_TX @DadePhelan now let’s immediately bring the #Democrats back so the business of Texas may continue!’