BREAKING: Susan Collins Will Vote to Acquit Trump, Releases Statement Explaining Decision

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), the only Senator other than Mitt Romney to vote for additional witnesses along with Democrats, has announced she will vote to acquit Trump tomorrow.

Collins voting to acquit Trump makes Democrats recruiting even a single Senator to convict Trump unlikely, with Mitt Romney being their last hope.

Fellow Swing Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has announced she will also vote to acquit Trump.

Collins released the following statement:

FoxNews reports Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a key swing vote in President Trump’s impeachment trial, announced Tuesday she would vote to acquit on both articles of impeachment — noting that Democrats’ “abuse of power” charge “did not even attempt” to allege that Trump had committed a crime, and instead constituted a “difficult-to-define, non-criminal act.”

Even as she criticized Trump’s behavior as “flawed,” Collins further slammed House Democrats for delaying transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate for more than a month, saying the stalling and posturing undercut their arguments that the president was an imminent threat.

Last week, along with Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney, Collins had broken ranks with her fellow Republicans to vote in favor of additional witnesses in the Senate trial. Trump, who is now set to be overwhelmingly acquitted by the Senate on Wednesday, will deliver the annual State of the Union address before Congress Tuesday night amid record-high approval ratings.

Collins began her remarks on the Senate floor by observing the increasingly partisan nature of the impeachment process.

“For more than 200 years after our Constitution was adopted, only one president faced an impeachment trial before the United States Senate — that was Andrew Johnson in 1868,” she said. “But now, we are concluding our second impeachment trial in just 21 years.”