BREAKING: Supreme Court Blocks Release of Trump Tax Returns With Temporary Stay Order

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay on a lower court’s ruling that allowed for the release of years worth of the president’s tax information.


CNBC reports the Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a ruling that requires President Donald Trump’s longtime accounting firm to turn over his tax returns to Congress.

The temporary stay order signed by Chief Justice John Roberts gives the Democratic-controlled House Committee on Oversight and Reform until Thursday to respond. The document did not note any public votes or dissents.

The move was expected and does not provide new information about how the justices may ultimately vote on the matter. It generally requires five votes to grant a stay, though in some cases one justice may do so pending review by the full court.

Earlier in the day, attorneys for House Democrats said in a letter that they would not oppose a temporary delay in enforcing the subpoena to allow the court time to consider arguments from both sides. The committee said in the letter that it would provide its response on Friday.

A spokesperson for the committee did not immediately provide comment after the chief justice’s order. The justices are scheduled to meet in a private conference on Friday.

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