Supermodel Turned Mogul Kathy Ireland Says Melania is “Doing a Wonderful Job” Fighting Bullying

Supermodel turned business mogul Kathy Ireland is standing up for First Lady Melania Trump.

2017, speaking to Boston Herald Radio, Ireland said. “It’s not OK for anybody to take swipes at anyone else,. What message does that send to children? It dehumanizes people. You can disagree — that’s a freedom that we have and that’s wonderful — but to bully another human being is just unacceptable.”

Per BostonHerald, Ireland’s comments came after Daily Beast columnist David Cay Johnston accused Melania Trump of doing “very sneaky porn” while analyzing President Trump’s tax documents from 2005 on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” The comment prompted the MSNBC anchor to cut him off, saying, “Hey, hey, hey,” and was met with a wave of backlash on social media.

Per Yahoo, in a newly released interview, Ireland stood by Melania Trump again, lauding her anti-bullying effort and declining to comment on whether some of Donald Trump’s tweets constitute cyberbullying.

“She’s doing a wonderful job,” Kathy Ireland, former supermodel and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, said of Melania Trump. “I don’t think there is any time that bullying is OK for anybody. There’s never a time when that’s OK.”

A supermodel in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Ireland came to prominence when she first appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition in 1989. More than two decades later, on February 27, 2012, she made the cover of Forbes as the chief executive of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a brand empire founded in 1993 that sells fashion and nutrition products, among many others. She has a net worth of nearly half a billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Melania spoke about being one of the most bullied people in the world in an interview with ABC last year.


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