BREAKING: Steven Spielberg’s adult-actress daughter jailed in Nashville

Director Steven Spielberg’s porn-actress has been jailed on a misdemeanor domestic violence

According to a recent report from “Page Six” director Steven Spielberg is embarrassed and concerned over his daughter’s decision to embark on a porn star career.

In 2018, Spielberg told the Guardian he had an urgency to create “The Post” to counter the Trump administration.

“The level of urgency to make the movie was because of the current climate of this administration, bombarding the press and labelling the truth as fake if it suited them,” Spielberg tells me, recalling the sense of offence he felt at documented, provable events being branded fake news. “I deeply resented the hashtag ‘alternative facts’, because I’m a believer in only one truth, which is the objective truth.”

So The Post shows a silhouetted Richard Nixon pacing the White House, while we hear the disgraced former president’s voice – taped on his own, notorious recording system – as he tramples on the first amendment, seeking to use the might of his office to hobble the free press. No one needs to mention Donald Trump for his shadow to loom over this movie.

NYPost reports the porn-actress daughter of director Steven Spielberg was arrested and jailed in Nashville, Tenn. early Saturday on a misdemeanor domestic violence, court records show.

Mikaela Spielberg, 23, lately in news after she launched a film career of her own — in skin flicks–  was admitted into the Hill Detention Center at 6:33 a.m., online inmate records show.

Her $1,000 bail has already been posted, and she will be released at the conclusion of a 12-hour “hold,” which is routine in domestic violence cases, an official with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office told The Post.

“Someone has already posted her bond; it’s a matter of her finishing out her 12 hours,” said the official, who asked not to be named.

The bust comes less than two weeks after she announced  that she had been making solo sex videos she posted on, and that she was working to get a license to become an exotic dancer in Nashville.

Mikaela has said in interviews that she lives in Nashville with her fiancé,  Chuck Pankow, 50 — a darts player twice her age.

His Instagram account has snaps of him striking poses variously with Mikaela, and alongside a trophy from a Tennessee state darts championship.

Mikaela has insisted she wouldn’t make porn with another person, out of deference to her relationship with her “significant other.”