BREAKING: Six Saudi Nationals Arrested at Pensacola Naval Base After Shooting

This story is developing. 

Six Saudi nationals have been arrested after a Saudi military members opened fire and killed 3, injuring 8 at a Pensacola naval base.

FBI agents are scouring the scene and digging evidence into the background of the alleged shooter. He was a Saudi pilot, and one of several hundred foreign pilots training at Pensacola.

Dailymail now reports Six Saudi nationals have been arrested after an Air Force trainee – also from Saudi Arabia – opened fire at a naval base in Florida, killing three people and injuring eight.

The men were detained near the scene of the shooting, which took place at Naval Air Station in Pensacola early Friday morning. It is currently unclear why they have been taken into custody.

Three of the six Saudis were seen filming the entire incident as it unfolded, a source told The New York Times on Friday evening.

No officials have yet stated whether any of them were students inside the classroom where the shooting occurred.

Authorities are probing whether the incident is terror-related.

The shooter, who was shot dead by police, was first identified by NBC News, citing unnamed sources, as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said the suspect was a second lieutenant attending the aviation school at the base.

Military from around the globe attend the Naval Air Station in Pensacola for flight training.

President Donald Trump this afternoon tweeted that he spoke on the phone with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who he said expressed ‘sincere condolences’ to those impacted by the shooting.

Trump added that King Salman informed him the Saudi people love Americans and ‘are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter…’

Shortly before 8pm Eastern Time, Saudi officials condemned the shooting and claimed they are willing to cooperate with the investigation.

The shooter opened fire in a classroom building shortly before 7am Friday. The attack left four people dead, including the assailant, and eight others wounded. 

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