BREAKING: Seven Portland Protesters Face Federal Charges

Seven Portland protesters are facing federal charges.

Rowan Olsen, 19, of Portland, is charged with disorderly conduct, creating a hazard on federal property, and failing to obey a lawful order

Shant Singh Ahuja, 28, of Oceanside, California, is charged with destruction of federal property

Andrew Steven Faulkner, 24, of Beaverton, Oregon, is charged with assaulting federal officers

Gretchen Margaret Blank, 29, of Seattle, Washington, is charged with assaulting federal officers

Christopher Fellini, 31, of Portland, is charged with assaulting federal officers

Cody Porter, 28, of Portland, is charged with assaulting federal officers

Taimane Jame Teo, 24, of Eugene, Oregon is charged with assaulting federal officers

Per the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s office:

On July 2-3, 2020, Olsen is accused of using his body to push on and hold a glass door at the Hatfield Courthouse closed, preventing officers from exiting the building and causing the door to shatter. With the door broken, a mortar firework entered the courthouse, detonating near the officers. The officers used shields and their bodies to block the open doorway for approximately six hours until demonstrators dispersed.

On July 4, 2020, Ahuja is accused of willfully destroying a closed-circuit video camera mounted on the exterior of the Hatfield Courthouse.

On July 5, 2020, Blank is accused of assaulting a federal officer with a shield while the officer was attempting to arrest another protestor.

On July 5-6, 2020, Faulkner, Fellini, Porter, and Teo are accused of assaulting federal officers with high intensity lasers. At the time of his arrest, Faulkner also possessed a sheathed machete.

NBC16 reports seven people are facing federal charges after being arrested during protests and riots at the federal courthouse in Portland over the past few days.

The federal government confirmed Monday night that its agents took seven people into custody outside the federal courthouse between Thursday and early Monday morning. Their charges vary from assault on a federal officer to destruction of federal property and creating a hazard on federal property.

All seven appeared in court Monday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon said the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse has sustained extensive damage from vandalism during the protests and riots downtown.

For those arrested by federal agents, federal prosecutors will handle the cases. Those federal prosecutors ultimately answer to the U.S. attorney for the district of Oregon, not the Multnomah County district attorney.

Tung Yin, law professor at Lewis and Clark College, said the most recent Oregon election will also likely have an impact on the outcomes.

“We saw that Mike Schmidt was recently elected as the Multnomah County district attorney on a sort of reform platform and his opponent was one of the assisting U.S. attorneys in that particular district. And so, you can sort of see there was a difference in mindset between those two candidates and that might be an indication of how Multnomah County maybe is going to be much more lenient toward protesters. The U.S. attorney’s office may or may not be,” Yin said.

There’s already pressure on the elected District Attorney Mike Schmidt to drop charges for some protesters. Schmidt will take over the position on Aug. 1.