BREAKING: Senator Ron Johnson Subpoenas Docs from FBI Directory Wray

Senator Ron Johnson has issued his first subpoena in his Senate probe to to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Per Politico, the subpoena, which POLITICO reviewed, demands documents but not testimony. Specifically, it asks for “all documents related to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation” — the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

That probe scrutinized Americans close to then-candidate Donald Trump for their links to Kremlin officials. Mueller took over the probe in May 2017.

Senator Ron Johnson tweeted Monday “Today, I have released an open letter regarding the Democrats’ combative and false comments regarding my committee’s investigation.”

He continued in a subsequent tweet “The only way I can counter these personal political attacks is to tell the truth and continue to conduct my committee’s investigations with the utmost integrity and transparency.”

Johnson later added “Democrats have initiated a coordinated disinformation campaign in an effort to personally attack myself and Sen. @ChuckGrassley
, but this will not obstruct our investigation. We will find the truth and get answers for the American people.”

You can read Ron Johnson’s open letter  here.