BREAKING: Senator Johnson Demands DOJ Explain Why It Let McCabe Off the Hook

According to a new report from the Federalist, Senator Ron Johnson is demanding the DOJ explain why they let former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe off the hook.

According to the NY Post, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe apologized for lying to agents who spent weeks investigating the source of a leak to the Wall Street Journal that actually came from him, new documents reveal.

Shortly before the 2016 election, The Journal reported that an FBI investigation was underway involving then-candidate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

McCabe in May 2017 denied that he was the source of the leak — but later fessed up, angering bureau investigators who had been spinning their wheels trying to identify the source of the leak.

The documents, which the FBI released in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, include transcripts of McCabe’s conversations with investigators, who were frustrated after wasting their time on the probe.

On Aug. 18, 2017, FBI officials grilled McCabe again to try to unravel what they said was “conflicting information” they had gathered about the possible leak to the Journal, The Daily Beast reported.

“I need to know from you, did you authorize this article? Were you aware of it? Did you authorize it?” an agent asked McCabe,

The agent then described his response: “And as nice as could be, he said, ‘Yep. Yep I did.’”

The investigator then said that “things had suddenly changed 180 degrees with this” after McCabe’s admission, which turned his initial denials into a potential crime.

The Federalist reports Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is demanding the Department of Justice explain its decision to not press charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for delivering false statements to investigators.

“The former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, lied to the director of the FBI and, under oath, to his own internal investigators and the Justice Department’s inspector general,” Johnson said in a statement Tuesday. “These are established facts.

The Justice Department’s decision to not pursue criminal charges against him send the wrong message, that government employees can lie with impunity… I will be seeking a full explanation from the Justice Department as to why they failed to hold Mr. McCabe fully accountable for his flagrant untruthfulness.”

On Friday, the Justice Department announced it was closing its investigation of McCabe for delivering false statements and orchestrating unauthorized leaks to the press without pressing any charges against the former senior law enforcement official.

In March of 2018, McCabe was fired after a report from the Justice Department inspector general found he had repeatedly lied to officials under oath. Last fall, McCabe joined CNN as a network contributor.

While at the FBI, McCabe also played a pivotal role in the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation probing the Trump campaign for links to Russia. McCabe signed off on at least one of the FISA applications authorizing government surveillance of American citizens that have recently been determined invalid.

Another earthshattering report from the Justice Department inspector general released in December revealed 17 glaring omissions of bias and fact in the four FISA applications to conduct deep-state surveillance operations on the Trump campaign. While the report concluded that political bias did not necessarily motivate opening Crossfire Hurricane surveillance, despite the report contents’ findings otherwise, the Justice Department inspector general also made clear to lawmakers that the report did not vindicate anybody associated with the investigation, including McCabe.