BREAKING: Senator Joe Manchin “I think it’s time to hear from the witnesses”

Senator Joe Manchin (D-Maine), who is considered a moderate Democrat has made it clear he’s in favor of witnesses.

Manchin said “I think it’s time to hear from the witnesses, hear from the people that really know… I want to make sure I’ve seen everything and heard everything and I’m very impartial.”

Manchin earlier broke ranks with most in his party by saying he’d be open to Hunter Biden as a witness.

Thursday evening, key swing Senator Lamar Alexander came out against witnesses, making it likely Democrats could fall short of the 51 votes they need to bring witnesses to the table.


Asked if he believes Hunter Biden is a relevant witness in the Trump impeachment trial, Senator Joe Manchin (D-Maine) responded “I think so, I really do.”

Manchin is one of the only Democrat Senators who have remained publicly undecided on whether or not to vote to convict President Trump.

Joe Manchin

I think so, I really do. I don’t have a problem there because this is why we are where we are… Now I think he can clear himself, what I know and what I’ve heard, but being afraid to put anyone that might have pertinent information is wrong, no matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.



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