BREAKING: Senator Cory Gardner Says He’ll Vote Against Calling Witnesses

According to a new report from NBC, Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) will vote against calling witnesses.

Gardner, who presides in a state that voted for Hillary in 2016 with a large Democratic voter constituency was considered a possible swing vote by some media analysts.

“I do not believe we need to hear from an 18th witness,” Gardner said in a statement released by his office. “

I have approached every aspect of this grave constitutional duty with the respect and attention required by law, and have reached this decision after carefully weighing the House managers and defense arguments and closely reviewing the evidence from the House, which included well over 100 hours of testimony from 17 witnesses.”

Per ColoradoPolitics, Gardner had previously been noncommittal about Democrats’ demands to call more witnesses, including Bolton, who writes in a forthcoming book that Trump told him he withheld military aid from Ukraine to pressure the country to investigate Democratic political rival Joe Biden, according to The New York Times.

It will take 51 votes to call witnesses or subpoena documents, meaning four Republicans will have to join the 47 Senate Democrats and independents who have said senators should consider more evidence before deciding whether to remove Trump on charges he abused his power and obstructed an ensuing congressional investigation.

U.S. Rep. Jason Crow, an Aurora Democrat and one of the seven House managers prosecuting the impeachment charges, said Tuesday that he believes Bolton should be called to testify to “make sure people have the full picture of what has happened.”

“The president deserves a fair trial. The country deserves a fair trial. The Senate deserves a fair trial,” Crow said in a call with reporters. “And this can’t be the first impeachment trial in American history where there are no witnesses called and no document subpoenaed. That needs to be done, and people deserve nothing less.”

So far, three Republican senators — Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah — have said they want to hear testimony from witnesses as the impeachment trial enters its next phase. Senators expect to spend Wednesday and Thursday questioning Trump’s legal defense team and House Democrats who have been prosecuting the impeachment case and.