BREAKING: Senate Votes Down Multiple Amendments Proposed By Schumer in 53-47 Party Line Vote

Per Townhall, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer’s proposed amendment to request documents from the White House regarding the decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine was voted down along party lines during the first day of the Senate impeachment trial into President Trump.

Prior to the vote, Schumer tweeted:

I just took the floor to demand a vote to subpoena the witnesses and documents needed for a fair trial. Will Senate Republicans vote for a fair trial? Or will they enable a cover-up?

One Twitter user responded to Schumer “Nope the house had their chance & blew it, the senate will look at what the house has brought to the table”


Second Schumer amendment – which would subpoena officials and documents within the State Department has been voted down by a 53-47 party line vote.


Third Schumer amendment – to subpoena records from the White House budget office has been voted down by a 53-47 vote.


Per Fox News Schumer now presents a fourth amendment — this time to subpoena acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. McConnell announces a 30 minute dinner break. After that we will be back with a debate on that amendment.