BREAKING: Senate Rejects GOP Motion to Dismiss Trump Impeachment Trial

The Senate has rejected a GOP motion to dismiss the Trump impeachment trial by a 55-45 procedural vote.

Trump’s impeachment trial, which will be the first in history for a former President will begin on February 8th.

Per Newsmax “at the same time, it shows it is unlikely there will be enough votes for conviction, which requires the support of all Democrats and 17 Republicans, or two-thirds of the Senate. While most Republicans criticized Trump shortly after the attack, many of them have rushed to defend him in the trial, showing the former president’s enduring sway over the GOP.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said prior to the vote “If more than 34 Republicans vote against the constitutionality of the proceeding, the whole thing’s dead on arrival.”

He added that Democrats “probably should rest their case and present no case at all.”