BREAKING: Senate Passes House’s Coronavirus Aid Bill in 90-8 Vote

The Senate has passed the House’s coronavirus bill by a large majority 90-8 vote.

Eight Republicans voted against the bill:

Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee)
James Inhofe (Oklahoma)
Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)
James Lankford (Oklahoma)
Mike Lee (Utah)
Rand Paul (Kentucky)
Ben Sasse (Nebraska)
Tim Scott (South Carolina)

TheHill reports the Senate passed the House’s coronavirus aid package on Wednesday, sending it to President Trump, who is expected to sign it.

Senators voted 90-8 on the bill that passed the House in a middle-of-the-night Saturday vote but needed dozens of pages of corrections and changes, which cleared the chamber on Monday.

The measure, which the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates will cost $104 billion, is the second package that Congress has passed amid growing concerns about the widespread coronavirus outbreak in the United States that has already bludgeoned the economy.

The vote on the second package comes as senators are already working on “phase three,” with Senate Republicans wanting to pass next tranche next week. The third coronavirus bill is expected to include help for impacted small businesses, industries and families, including direct cash payments for Americans.

McConnell has created GOP task forces for drafting the bill. Republicans briefed their colleagues during a closed-door lunch on Wednesday and are expected to hand over their work product by Thursday.

The majority leader told reporters after a closed-door lunch that Republicans were “getting close” and “hoping to be together shortly.”

The bill approved Wednesday bolsters unemployment insurance and guarantees free diagnostic testing for the coronavirus.

It also provides up to 10 days of paid sick leave for some workers. It caps that at companies with 500 employees and would allow for those with fewer than 50 to apply for a waiver.