BREAKING: Senate Confirms Eight More Trump Court Picks in Three Days

President Trump continues to reshape courts and make them more conservative. The Senate has confirmed 8 more Trump picks in just 3 days.

This brings President Trump’s total to 170 nominations since taking office.

—120 on district courts
—48 on circuit courts
—2 on Supreme Court

Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur observed that Donald Trump has now picked about one in every five American federal judges.

Per Kapur “It gets a tiny fraction of attention compared to other stuff he does but this is the Trump legacy that’ll echo for generations after he’s gone.”

One Trump supporter replied optimistically:

“and in another 5 years, that number will double. WINNING!”

The Hill reports the Senate confirmed eight of President Trump‘s court picks this week, underscoring the rapid pace the GOP-controlled chamber has set on judicial nominations.

The confirmations came in back-to-back days with one district court nominee confirmed on Tuesday, five on Wednesday and two on Thursday.
The votes bring the total number of judicial confirmations for Trump to 170 nominations since taking office in January 2017.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised the picks on Thursday as the latest example of “impressive nominees” from Trump.
McConnell also defended his decision to dedicate weeks of floor time to judicial nominations, arguing that district court picks previously were able to clear the Senate without having to overcome time-consuming procedural hurdles.
“If our Democratic colleagues want to spend less time voting on district judges, they should take it up with the Democratic leader who is forcing us to take cloture vote after cloture vote,” McConnell said.