BREAKING: Secret Service Looking into George Lopez After He “Accepts” Bounty to Assassinate Trump

According to a new report from TMX, the Secret Service is aware of George Lopez’s remarks where he offered to accept an alleged Iranian bounty to kill President Trump and added “We’ll do it for half!”

Lopez later told Fox News he was “joking” but the authorities might find threatening to kill the President to be no laughing matter.

TMZ reports George Lopez said he and others would take out President Trump for half of Iran’s reported multi-million dollar bounty on his head, and now … he’s got the attention of the Secret Service.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the U.S. Secret Service is aware of George’s remark, and we’re told they’re working to see if his words carry any legitimacy as a threat.

We’re being told part of the process in making this determination will include an interview with GL in some fashion, preferably a face-to-face. One source tells us George can probably expect a knock on his door soon, and he’ll be finding agents on the other side.

The comedian made headlines this weekend after leaving a controversial comment on an Instagram account which regurgitated a story that Iranian officials supposedly recently put out an $80 mil offer for DT’s life. GL responded to the news, “We’ll do it for half.”