BREAKING: Schumer’s Fourth Proposed Amendment Fails Along 53-47 Party Line Vote

Moments ago, the Senate voted on Chuck Schumer’s 4th proposed amendment to the impeachment trial which would subpoena Mick Mulvaney to testify.

In identical fashion to the Schumer’s first 3 proposed amendments, the Senate struck down this 4th amendment by a 53-47 party line vote.

Per Fox News, the Senate voted to table the amendment 53-47 along party lines, exactly the same as the vote of the first three amendments.

McConnell asks to stack the votes of the rest of the amendments since they are similar in nature and have yielded the same outcome.

Schumer denies the request but offers to continue voting on amendments tomorrow.

Democrat Senator Chris Coons expressed doubt that Schumer’s 4th proposed amendment was pass, telling MSNBC prior to the vote “The vote so far today suggests Mitch McConnell continues his iron grip on the Republican majority and their caucus. Mick Mulvaney would be the most relevant witness to the question what was president trump thinking, why did he put a hold on vitally needed military assistance to Ukraine as the acting chief of staff and the former OMB Director Mulvaney was in the room for the conversations, was on the e-mail chains.”