BREAKING: Schumer’s FIFTH Proposed Amendment Fails 53-47 Along Party Line Vote

Moments ago the Senate voted down Chuck Schumer’s fifth proposed impeachment amendment of the day along a 53-47 party line vote.

The amendment is the fifth of the day from Schumer that have all been voted down in the same party line fashion.

Schumer’s fifth amendment was to subpoena Department of Defense communications documents relating to the suspension of Ukrainian aid.

Elizabeth Warren tweeted “Sen. Schumer’s fifth amendment will subpoena “all documents, communications, and other records within the possession, custody, or control of the Department of Defense” related to Ukraine. We should see all evidence of the orders that the Pentagon received to freeze Ukraine’s aid.”

Per Fox News, “What Americans don’t understand about Washington is how Democrats think it is the best use of time to spend an entire day debating when to decide whether there are witnesses, not even to decide if there will be witnesses,” argued WH lawyer Philbin.

“The only question at hand now… is the issue of whether to subpoena documents or witnesses now or to decide that in a week after more evidence,” Philbin continues.

Philbin points out that in the Clinton trial, the Senate decided unanimously to hear more information and let both sides make their case before deciding if witnesses are necessary. “Let the president make his case, we’re ready to get this started,” concludes Philbin.