BREAKING: Schumer’s Eighth Amendment Rejected in 53-47 Party Line Vote

Right around midnight, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer put up his eighth amendment to the proposed rules for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The eight amendment was a subpoena for former national security adviser John Bolton.

Moments ago, the amendment was rejected by a party line vote of 53-47.

The result was identical to the first 7 amendments proposed by Schumer.

NBC News reports after the Bolton amendment met its demise, Schumer introduced his ninth amendment. It calls for a Senate vote on any motion to subpoena witnesses and documents.

McConnell’s rules resolution includes a provision that says there will be a vote only on whether it would be in order for the Senate to vote on motions to subpoena witnesses and documents. To get to actual votes on witnesses and documents, this amendment would have to pass first.

Schumer’s latest amendment would eliminate that obstacle and provide for a vote on any motion to subpoena witnesses and documents after the question period.