BREAKING: Schumer on Hunter Biden Testifying “I Think That’s Off the Table”

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer threw cold water on Hunter Biden testifying and a possible impeachment witness trade widely talked about.

Schumer claimed Republicans “haven’t wanted to” bring any witnesses to the table and “that trade is not on the table.”

Per Reuters, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday ruled out a so-called witness trade in which Republicans call witnesses Democrats want in exchange for former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden testifying in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

“I think that’s off the table. First of all the Republicans have the right to bring in any witness they want. They haven’t wanted to and that trade is not on the table,” Schumer told reporters during a break in the Senate trial.

However, Senator Ted Cruz suggested just the opposite.

Speaking to reporters after Adam Schiff’s opening statement on the 2nd day of President Trump’s impeachment trial, Senator Ted Cruz told reporters that Hunter Biden’s testimony “is now critical.”

Ted Cruz:

Adam Schiff’s arguments to open the day today directly drew in the question of Hunter Biden and made not only his testimony relevant which it already was but it is now critical. Because House Democrats have built their entire case on the proposition that any investigation into recent corruption was a sham, was completely debunked. Problem is there is very significant prima facie evidence of corruption. 


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