BREAKING: Schumer, McConnell reach deal on framework of Trump impeachment trial

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has reached a deal with Mitch McConnell on the framework of the Trump impeachment trial.

Schumer said on the Senate floor “for the information of the Senate, the Republican leader and I, in consultation with both the House managers and Former President Trump’s lawyers, have agreed to a bipartisan resolution to govern the structure and timing of the impending trial.”

“All parties have agreed to a structure that will ensure a fair and honest Senate impeachment trial of the former president,” he added.

“As in previous trials, there will be equal time for senator questions and for closing arguments and an opportunity for the Senate to hold deliberations if it so chooses and then we will vote on the article of impeachment,” Schumer also said.

McConnell announced “I’m pleased that Leader Schumer and I were able to reach an agreement on a fair process and estimated timeline for the upcoming Senate trial,” adding  “It will give senators as jurors ample time to receive the case and the arguments.”

The deal allows for a speedy trial that may conclude as early next week, if both sides agree not to call witnesses.

Both sides will have 16 hours over 2 days to make opening arguments and make their case.