BREAKING: Schiff Signals More Investigations Into Trump “Misconduct”

Adam Schiff has been extremely busy on his post-acquittal media tour.

Appearing on NPR’s “Morning Edition” Adam Schiff signaled he’s push for more investigations into President Trump’s “misconduct” by hearing testimony from Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Steve Inskeep:

Two officials, I could name many, but two officials still in the administration that you wanted to hear from — Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Pompeo — do you still want to hear from them?”

Adam Schiff:

I would still like to hear from them. But we have to make the decision about next steps in consultation with our caucus and our leadership.

What we’ll need to weigh is the need to validate Congress’ oversight authority, the need to make sure the American people understand the full length and breadth of the president’s misconduct, as well as others in the administration that were part of the misconduct. And at the same time, the imperative of keeping our legislative agenda first and foremost and striking the right balance between the two.

Appearing on CNN in a separate appearance, Schiff and his fellow House Managers argued that Trump wasn’t truly acquitted and complained the trial was not fair because there were no witnesses.


Schiff also lamented over about result of the impeachment trial on Twitter, writing:

The House proved overwhelmingly that the President abused his power.

Now the verdict is in:

One Republican Senator had the courage to do impartial justice.

To put country over party.

And vindicate the Founders’ faith in self-governance.

And show us,

Right still matters.

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