BREAKING: Schiff Claims Don Jr. “Misled the Country”

Speaking recently, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff appeared to turn his focus from President Trump to his son, Donald Trump Jr., who he alleged “misled the country” regarding the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting.

Schiff continued on to accuse President Trump, himself, of also having “misled the country” in relation to the meeting.

It’s worth mentioning, Schiff went on for well over a year beating the drum of “Trump Russia collusion” only to be proven wrong by the Mueller report which found no evidence of collusion.

Despite the Mueller report having cleared Trump of collusion and obstruction allegations, congressman Schiff has vehemently maintained that both the president and other members of his administration, including his family, are guilty of wrongdoing.

Social media commentary, however, indicated that Schiff’s continued interest in the now-debunked Russia probe is anything but healthy.

Many speculated that Schiff and other Democrats are currently experiencing the “stages of grief,” with others noting that the left’s continued targeting of President Trump’s family is beginning to resemble bad fiction.