BREAKING: Sandmann’s Lawyer “This retweet by Brian Stelter may have cost him his job at CNN”

Lin Wood, Nick Sandmann’s lawyer wrote Monday:

This retweet by @brianstelter may have cost him his job at @CNN. It is called breach of confidentiality agreement. Brian Stelter is a liar. I know how to deal with liars.

In the tweet shared by Brian Stelter Mark S. Zaid writes:

Those with zero legal experience (as far as I can tell) should not be conjecturing on lawsuits they know nothing about. What kind of journalism is that?

I’ve litigated defamation cases. Sandman was undoubtedly paid nuisance value settlement & nothing more.

Per DailyCaller, Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyer accused CNN’s Brian Stelter of breaching a confidentiality agreement Friday after the host retweeted speculation on the settlement.

Sandmann settled a defamation lawsuit with the Washington Post in July after he was misrepresented by media publications over an incident at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019. Previously, CNN paid a multimillion dollar settlement to Sandmann as well.

Stelter retweeted a comment from attorney Mark S. Zaid commenting on Sandmann’s defamation case Thursday. Zaid, who has represented the Daily Caller in past litigation, said that the student “was undoubtedly paid nuisance value settlement & nothing more.”

Sandmann’s lawyer Lin Wood responded publicly to the retweet on Friday, accusing Stelter of violating a confidentiality agreement by retweeting Zaid’s comment.

The cash award for the CNN settlement was not made public.

Sandmann made headlines in 2019 after a story claiming he mocked Nathan Phillips, a Native American protester, began to fall apart following wide media coverage. In fact, Sandmann and the group of Covington students were being verbally harassed by protesters, according to further video footage.

Wood noted in a separate tweet that lawsuits are still pending against NBC, ABC, CBS, Rolling Stone, Gannett and The New York Times.