BREAKING: Rubio says Hackers Infiltrated Florida County Elections System

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is warning that Florida country’s election system was hacked.

Fox News reported that Rubio said Friday that hackers infiltrated a Florida county’s elections system in 2016 and were “in a position” to alter voter roll data, though they don’t appear to have done so.

The senator’s comments come in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that revealed that the Russian military intelligence unit known as the GRU sent malicious viruses to the Florida county government officials who were overseeing the 2016 election.

Just five short months ago, Rubio accused Democrats of trying to steal the 2018 Senate and Governor elections.
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Republican Senator Marco Rubio says a Florida county’s elections system was infiltrated by Russian hackers in 2016. And he warned that it could happen again in 2020 if we’re not vigilant.

However, Rubio says while hackers were “in a position” to change voter roll data, it does not appear that any results were affected, Fox News reported.

Rubio: Election Officials Have Lax Attitude About Voter Fraud

Marco Rubio says his biggest frustration is with the lax attitude of election officials, who are apathetic in the face of such warnings.

“Everybody has been told what it is they need to do to protect themselves from the intrusion. I don’t believe the specific victims of the intrusion have been notified.

The concern was that in a number of counties across the country, there are a couple of people with the attitude of: ‘We’ve got this; we don’t need your help. We don’t think we need to do what you are telling us we need to do.’

My biggest concern is that on Election Day you go vote and have mass confusion because voter registration information has been deleted from the systems.”

Shockingly, Senator Rubio says federal authorities have not been transparent, and hasn’t even told him or the public which exact Florida county the hackers were able to access.

“They won’t tell us which county it was, are you kidding me?” Rubio said. “Why would you have not said something immediately?”

Rampant Voter Fraud in Florida’s Democratic Country

All these screw-ups in the Florida election system aren’t surprising since they happen all the time, as BizPac Review reported.

Former Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — a Democrat — was forced to step in January 2019 after 15 years as the Broward County elections supervisor amid a series of stunning voter-fraud scandals.

Democratic Elections Supervisor ‘Is a Serial Elections Rigger’
In May 2018, a judge ruled that Snipes violated state and federal laws by illegally destroying ballots for the 2016 Congressional race between her leftist ally, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Tim Canova, who ran as an Independent.

In November 2018, then-Florida governor Rick Scott filed a voter-fraud lawsuit against Brenda Snipes.

That came as no surprise to Tim Canova, a progressive candidate who says Snipes rigged his 2016 Congressional race against Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

“I have warned that Snipes is a serial election-rigger who would rig the recent elections,” Canova said. “I do not believe in the accuracy of any election returns reported out of Broward County.”

Tim Canova also called out voting irregularities on Twitter.

“A woman in Minnesota who hasn’t lived in Broward County for 5 years received an absentee ballot for our [2016] race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Well done, Brenda. Well done.”

Then, there’s this damning video:

DNC Chair Whines: The GOP Will Lie, Cheat and Steal

Ironically, Tom Perez — the chairman of the Democratic National Committee — went on MSNBC to warn Democrats that the GOP will “lie, cheat and steal” the 2020 elections, so liberals should do whatever it takes to win.

“We are at war right now. It’s a cyber war.

What’s clear from this administration and what’s clear throughout the entirety of his business practices is that they will lie, cheat, and steal.  They will do anything to win.

We have to be prepared for more lying, cheating, and stealing. That is why we are organizing everywhere, and that is why we are preparing for every eventuality.”