BREAKING: Rosie Tells Ben Carson to “F Right Off” in Angry Tweet

Thursday Twitter user Acyn Torbai shared a clip of Ben Carson arguing President Trump has not been given credit by the media for being courageous.

Carson, who is part of the federal coronavirus task force, mentioned Trump’s February decision to stop foreign nationals who have recently visited China as an example. Many Democrats at the time opposed the move.


One of the highest engagement responses is from none other than Rosie O’Donnell who reacted with an unhinged expletive filled tweet, writing:

oh f*ck right off Fox News isn’t news f*ck u hannity u little s*it – REALLY #TrumpGenocide2020

Failed 2020 candidate Joe Walsh also chimed in.

Bulls*it Ben Carson. Bullsh*t. Donald Trump isn’t courageous. He’s never ever been courageous. He doesn’t know courage. He doesn’t understand courage. He’s never tasted courage. He’s incapable of courage. He doesn’t even know how to spell the word courage.

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