BREAKING: Rob Reiner Suggests Trump Could Be an “Accessory” to Murder

Anti-Trump actor Rob Reiner caused a stir on social media Sunday by suggesting President Trump could be an “accessory” to murder.

Reiner tweeted:

I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me if you’re the most influential person in America and you tell the public that a deadly viral pandemic is a hoax & countless citizens accept that as reality, do nothing to protect themselves then end up dead, you might be an accessory.

Many of Reiner’s followers agreed.

if he wants to be a “war time” president, then we can charge him with “war crimes”

Trump let this pandemic spread due to his selfish re-election agenda, negligence & refusing test kits…now people are DYING…


Many of those lives lost will be on his hands because they believed him.

Agreed and they must be held accountable, starting with Trump, and Fox news.,

Some conservatives fired back.

Lol. You’re not mentality stable. Do you even realize that you have been wrong about everything?!?! Lol

You’re right.

You’re no lawyer.

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