BREAKING: RNC Convention Speakers Include Familiar Names, Some Surprises

A new report from Breitbart reveals some of the RNC convention speakers that have been announced.

Among the surprises are Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann.

Sandmann rose to fame when the mainstream media largely rushed to judgement and villainized him during his encounter with Native American activist Nathan Phillips despite the fact he was only a teenager and it was Phillips that was banging a drum in his face.

Sandmann has now sued and settled lawsuits against media companies including CNN and the Washington Post.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was tragically killed in the Parkland shooting, will also speak at the Convention. Some of the students who survived, including David Hogg, became anti-gun activists.

Abby Johnson, who formerly was clinic director at Planned Parenthood but has now become a pro-life activist, will speak.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who has resisted the strict lockdown measures of some Democrat run states, will also be a speaker.

In addition, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the viral gun toting couple in St. Louis who defended their home as BLM protesters marched by will appear at the Republican National Convention next week where they will endorse President Trump.

Republican house candidate and veteran Sean Parnell will also speak.

It’s widely expected that more speakers for the RNC convention will be announced in the near future.