BREAKING: Republican Tate Reeves Wins Mississippi Governor Race

Republican Tate Reeves has won the race for Mississippi governor, defeating rival Democrat Jim Hood.


CBS reports Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves won Mississippi’s governor’s race Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Jim Hood, the state’s attorney general, according to The Associated Press. The win was a sign of stability in the state for President Trump, who became involved in the race earlier this year and held a rally for Reeves last Friday in Tupelo.

Mr. Trump wasted no time tweeting about the results:

Turnout was consistent with 2015’s gubernatorial election, with about 29% of the state’s population showing up to vote Tuesday.

Unlike in Kentucky, the two candidates shared similar stances on typically-conservative social issues like abortion and gun rights. Their race became more about state policies, with Medicaid expansion emerging as one of the starkest differences between them.

Hood supported using federal funds to expand healthcare in Mississippi, which is one of 14 states that didn’t expand Medicaid in 2010. Reeves labeled it “Obamacare expansion” and said there would be a cost to taxpayers.

On the day before the race, voters may have received a robocall from former President Obama advocating for Hood. An Obama spokeswoman confirmed Mr/ Obama recorded the call, in which he talks about Hood’s pro-Medicaid expansion stance.

“Jim Hood will expand Medicaid to cover 300,000 more people and fight to keep Mississippi’s rural hospitals open — to raise teacher pay, and build an administration as diverse as Mississippi,” the robocall script reads.

Mr. Trump won the state by 17 points in 2016. During his Tupelo rally, he said he was surprised to be in Mississippi fighting for a Republican to win a gubernatorial race.

“You know, I can’t believe this is a competitive race. It’s like embarrassing. I’m talking Mississippi. I’m talking Mississippi. I can’t believe it. I don’t think that [Hood] should be the right guy. I think the guy you want is Tate Reeves.”

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