BREAKING: Rapper “Killah Dre” Arrested, Accused of Killing Female Police Officer

Rapper “Killah Dre” has been arrested and accused of killing a female police officer.

Killah Dre has been in a number of music videos posted on YouTube, including guest starring one with over 700k views with “Soulja Boy”

Fox News reports a rapper who goes by the alias “Killah Dre” was arrested Thursday in Texas for allegedly striking and killing a Houston-area police sergeant with his vehicle while fleeing a traffic stop this week, according to a report.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said 21-year-old Tavores Henderson was taken into custody without incident at a home in Houston.

Nassau Bay Police Sgt. Kaila Sullivan was assisting in a traffic stop at an apartment complex Tuesday night about 25 miles southeast of Houston when police discovered that the driver, later identified as Henderson, had an outstanding warrant for assault.

Henderson broke free from police as he was being handcuffed. Authorities alleged that he fled in his vehicle and struck Sullivan, who later died at a hospital.

The suspect, who has a history of weapons charges and violence, is facing a felony murder charge in Sullivan’s death, but authorities have said it could be upgraded to capital murder.