BREAKING: Pierce Bush Becomes First Bush to Lose Race in Texas in Over 40 Years

Are Americans finally done with the Bush and Clinton political dynasties?

For the first time in 40 years, a Bush has lost a race in Texas.

Yahoo reports Pierce Bush, a grandson of the late President George H.W. Bush, lost the Republican primary for Texas’ 22nd Congressional district.

No candidate obtained the absolute majority of the vote needed to win outright Tuesday night, but incomplete results indicated Bush was heading for a third or fourth-place finish in a crowded primary field.

The top two candidates, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and technology consultant Kathaleen Wall will face off in a May runoff election.

The Bush family has wielded significant influence in Texas politics for generations while becoming an American and Republican dynasty.

But despite his name, raising more money than the other candidates, and endorsements from other big-name Texas politicians, Bush fell short Tuesday behind two more right-leaning candidates that embrace more of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

He becomes the first member of his family to lose a race in Texas in more than 40 years.

Bush, 34, is currently the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star, a youth mentorship organization. He was striving to succeed GOP Rep. Pete Olson, who announced over the summer that he would not seek reelection. The district encompasses a large part of the Houston metropolitan area.

The only member of the Bush family currently serving as a public official is George P. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner. George P. Bush, who is another grandson of President George H.W. Bush, has been dubbed by President Donald Trump as “the only Bush who likes me” after he broke with his family and supported Trump in 2016.