Photos, Video of Obama’s 60th birthday party leak out with guests not wearing masks

Photos and video of Obama’s 60th birthday bash have leaked out despite his wishes.

Per The Hill:

The New York Post obtained screenshots of pictures and videos shared on social media by some of the guests, including Trap Beckham, TJ Chapman and Erykah Badu.

In one picture, Obama could be seen on the dance floor, smiling with a mic in his hand, while other pictures showed off outdoor designs from the party, which was held at the former president’s home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, as well as special credentials that were provided to attendees.

A photo also showed napkins designed especially for the shindig, adorning the text “44×60” in gold lettering in honor of Obama, who was the country’s 44th president.

It wasn’t long after photos of the party surfaced on social media that Obama began to draw heat from critics for being seen outside without a mask in one of the pictures.