Pelosi says “We’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment,” Trump responds with retweet

Earlier today, asked about the prospects of the current moment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi teased that she’ll be talking about the 25th amendment tomorrow. Per Cornell Law “the 25th Amendment, proposed by Congress and ratified by the states in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, provides the procedures for replacing the president or vice president in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation.”

Pelosi said “well, I don’t know what the prospects are when we hear people saying, I’m young and I’m a perfect– perfect specimen, instead of addressing the fact that, what, 50,000 people were infected– reported to be infected yesterday. Nearly 1,000 people died,” P

She added “what are we talking about here? Tomorrow, by the way– tomorrow– come here tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment. But not to take attention away from the subject we have now.”

President Trump in response retweeted Pete Gorman who wrote:

If the polls are so accurate why are they wanting to use the 25th amendment ?

They can’t wait 3 months ?

They know Trump is gonna win.

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