BREAKING: Pelosi Names Her Seven “Impeachment Managers”

Moments ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the list of 7 House Democrats who will serve as impeachment managers in the Senate trial and act as prosecutors by presenting the case against President Donald Trump.

The 7 impeachment managers are:

Adam Schiff of California (Lead Impeachment Manager)

Jerry Nadler of New York

Zoe Lofrgen of California

Jason Crow of Colorado

Hakeem Jeffries of New York

Val Demings of Florida

Sylvia Garcia of Texas


Yahoo reports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ended a 28-day pause in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump on Wednesday morning by naming seven managers who will act as prosecutors in the Senate trial set to start next week that could lead to Trump’s removal from office.

The lead manager will be Adam Schiff of California, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, who has been the public face of the impeachment inquiry and was formerly a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles. He stood directly to the left of Pelosi as she made the announcement in a Capitol conference room.

To her right stood House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who has also been closely involved in the impeachment inquiry. Both were widely expected to lead the Senate trial.

“The emphasis is on litigators,” Pelosi explained in naming the managers. “The emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom.” That courtroom will be the floor of the U.S. Senate, and the presiding judge will be John Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court. The jury will consist of all 100 senators, some of whom are avowed supporters of President Trump and have called the entire impeachment inquiry a “sham,” echoing the president’s own complaint.

The other managers are Zoe Lofrgen of California, Jason Crow of Colorado, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Val Demings of Florida and Sylvia Garcia of Texas. Crow and Garcia were somewhat surprising choices, with some expecting Pelosi to rely more extensively on colleagues from the California delegation. The others named had all been widely discussed on Capitol Hill for weeks, even as Pelosi remained highly secretive in her deliberations over how to proceed.

“I don’t think we could be better served than by the patriotism and dedication of the managers that I’m naming this morning,” Pelosi said at the conclusion of her press conference.