BREAKING: Pelosi, Dems FURIOUS After Barr Declares “Trump was Spied On”

In a bombshell statement before Congress on Wednesday, US Attorney General Bill Barr stated his believe that “I think spying did occur” against President Trump’s 2016 campaign – shocking proponents of the now-debunked allegations of Russian collusion.

Barr’s comments implied potential criminal behavior on the part of many within the Obama-era intelligence community, and came as a stark blow for many whose hopes of impeaching President Trump hinged upon the recently-submitted Mueller report.

For Trump’s political opponents, as well as many propagators of the collusion allegations, the Attorney General’s findings have not been easy to accept, leading to condemnation from several prominent Democrats and liberal media pundits.

Among those were House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who denounced AG Barr’s remarks as “very dismaying and disappointing,” while accusing Barr of “going off the rails.”

A clearly-frustrated Pelosi noted that Barr “is the Attorney General of the USA, not the Attorney General of Donald Trump,” echoing the sentiments of several of her colleagues.

Several prominent Democrats and others within the left-leaning media made similar remarks questioning Barr’s loyalty to the US, in an attempt to cast further doubt on the results of the Mueller probe.