BREAKING: PA Supreme Court dismisses suit seeking to invalidate mail-in ballots

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has unanimously tossed a lawsuit by Republican lawmaker Mike Kelly suggesting ballots cast by mail should be thrown out.

Per the Philadelphia Inquirer “the justices declared that U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (R., Butler) and the seven Republican plaintiffs in the suit had waited too long to bring their lawsuit alleging that the 2019 law, passed by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature, which created no-excuse mail voting in the state for the first time was unconstitutional and “illegally implemented.”

The report adds” Instead of filing it shortly after the passage of the bill, which was required in the statute, they waited until their candidate lost to challenge the mechanism by which some 2.6 million Pennsylvanians voted this year, the court wrote in a terse, three-page order.”

Per David Kaplan “PA Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit by Congressman Mike Kelly and candidate Sean Parnell attempting to invalidate PA’s mail-in ballots. Cites how late this was filed as part of the reason they’re throwing it out. Here’s the final paragraph of Justice Wecht’s concurrence: