BREAKING: Omar Defends Iran, Suggests Trump the “Aggressor” in Conflict

Moments ago, controversial MN rep. Ilhan Omar chimed in on the latest U.S. Iran conflict.

Iran claims they shot down a U.S. drone because it entered their airspace.

The Pentagon says they have evidence the drone was in international airspace.

Ilhan Omar defended Iran by tweeting her belief that President Trump is the “aggressor” in the conflict.

Many on Twitter fired back.

No one wants war. Now, please name the illegitimate pretext. Would it be Iran bombing ships in the Gulf of Oman or them shooting down an American drone?

Wait. A few months ago you berated people for not believing our career intel officials. But on this issue, you’re saying their intel is “ illegitimate “ These masks of political convenience are tiresome and hard to keep up with.

You live in Minnesota. Worry about Americans.

It’s a setup on all sides.. if Trump goes to war he looks bad, looks like a warmonger “orange man bad”.. meanwhile Democrats profit politically and financially.. the military industrial complex machine rolls on!