BREAKING: Omar calls for abolishing the death penalty, electoral college and ICE

Moments ago, progressive “squad” member Ilhan Omar tweeted:

Abolish the death penalty.
Abolish the electoral college.
Abolish ICE.

Wednesday, Omar lamented the amount of relief checks being discussed in the new stimulus.

Omar wrote “$600 might be too little, but $2400 for a family of four is certainly more than they have right now.

We will keep fighting, but I know as mom who lived paycheck to paycheck, I would welcome any money right now.

It sucks to see working class struggle be weaponized and dismissed.”

Moments ago, Omar added “Sorry but settling for crumbs isn’t success.
A package that offers less direct support than CARES ACT- 8 months into this economic crisis, isn’t success.”

She added “Working class people should call your office and share with you that a “successfully negotiated” deal is not to sell them out.”