BREAKING: Off-duty Dallas police officer beaten unconscious at apartment complex pool

Per the Dallas Police:

On June 25, 2020, at approximately 9:00 p.m., an off-duty Dallas Police Officer observed a disturbance at Allure North Dallas Apartments at 4300 Horizon North Parkway.

The officer identified himself as a Dallas Police Officer and attempted to disperse a small crowd. As the officer was walking away he was assaulted by multiple individuals and fell to the ground.

WFAA reports an off-duty Dallas police officer was beaten unconscious by a group of people at an apartment swimming pool, according to information obtained by WFAA.

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. Thursday near Midway Road and Horizon North Parkway.

In addition to working with the Dallas Police Department, the officer also works as a courtesy patrol officer at the apartment complex, according to the Dallas Police Association President Michael Mata, who spoke to the officer after the attack.

Prior to the attack, the officer had received a call regarding a group of people who were hanging out at the pool, even though it was closed, Mata said.

Mata says courtesy officers often respond to disturbances at apartment pools.

Most of the time people listen to officers, he said.

Mata said he believes the attack was fueled by “this idea that it is OK in today’s world to disobey authority.”

He said assaulting an officer is a criminal offense and “only furthers the divide between police and the community we serve.”

The incident was described by Mata and in information obtained by WFAA.

Dallas Police Department officials publicly released details about the attack Friday afternoon.

The officer was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts when he went to tell the group they needed to leave.

The group asked the man who he was. He told them he was a courtesy officer for the apartments and a police officer, Mata said.

Though several people left, three or four people stayed at the pool and “began talking about Black Lives Matter,” according to information obtained by WFAA.

The officer started to take pictures of vehicles possibly linked to the group. That’s when he was struck in the back and kicked several times.