BREAKING: Obama says reparations for black Americans “justified” but were a “non-starter” during his administration

Appearing on his new podcast series with Bruce Springsteen, former President Obama said he believes reparations for Black Americans are “justified” but were a “non-starter” during his administration due to the “politics of white resistance and resentment.”

Obama said “so, if you ask me theoretically: ‘Are reparations justified?’ The answer is yes.”

“There’s not much question that the wealth of this country, the power of this country was built in significant part — not exclusively, maybe not even the majority of it — but a large portion of it was built on the backs of slaves,” he continued.

“What I saw during my presidency was the politics of white resistance and resentment, the talk of welfare queens and the talk of the undeserving poor and the backlash against affirmative action,” he added, explaining that “all that made the prospect of actually proposing any kind of coherent, meaningful reparations program struck me as, politically, not only a non-starter but potentially counterproductive.”

Leo Terrell tweeted “Obama is pandering to Socialists by supporting reparations. Not a single dime of taxpayers’ money should be awarded because of slavery. The concept is racist and unconstitutional. Just another attempt by Socialists to play the “white guilt card.”