BREAKING: Newsom Announces Statewide Order in California to Stay At Home

Moments ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted:

CA is issuing a statewide, mandatory STAY AT HOME order. Those that work in critical sectors should go to work.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and more will stay open. We need to meet this moment and flatten the curve together.

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Yahoo reports California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced a statewide order on Thursday mandating that Californians stay at home except for essential work and errands due to the coronavirus pandemic.

California, which is home to approximately 40 million people, will be the first state in the nation under such an order.

“Home isolation is not my preferred choice, I know it is not yours, but it is a necessary one,” Newsom said Thursday while announcing the new policy.

Under the stay at home or “shelter-in-place” policy, Californians are permitted to leave their residences for errands such as going to the grocery store or picking up a prescription at a pharmacy. Employees of businesses deemed essential are also permitted to work outside the home. And residents are still permitted to go for walks outside, so long as they practice safe social distancing.

Several counties in the state, including most of the San Francisco Bay Area, adopted similar policies earlier this week.