BREAKING: New Poll Shows Opponent to Kim Foxx Surging, Within Margin of Error

Bill Conway, the opponent to Kim Foxx in the Cook County State Attorney race is surging according to a new poll.

Conway is now polling within the margin of error of Kim Foxx (28% Foxx / 26% Conway / 6% Fioretti / 4% More). He has narrowed his deficit by 20 points in the last two months.

Politico reports a new poll shows Bill Conway is neck and neck with Kim Foxx in the Cook County State’s Attorney race, though 36 percent of Cook County voters polled still remain undecided.

Twenty-eight percent of Democratic voters back Foxx, according to a memo obtained by Playbook, the first poll revealed in the race this cycle.

The poll shows Conway at 26 percent support after trailing Foxx by 16 points just a few weeks earlier. Conway’s campaign commissioned the poll, which was conducted by the Democratic polling firm Anzalone Liszt Grove and counts Joe Biden among its clients.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent. Other challengers, Bob Fioretti and Donna More are at 6 percent and 4 percent, respectively — slips for each candidate and a clear signal this is a two-way race.