BREAKING: New poll shows Gov. Newsom now losing recall vote by double digits

A new poll from from Survey USA and the San Diego Union Tribune has embattled California governor Gavin Newsom losing his recall vote by double digits.

Per the SF Gate “The poll came from Survey USA and the San Diego Union Tribune, and was conducted among 1,100 Californians from Aug. 2 to Aug. 4. It found that 51% of respondents were in favor of recalling Newsom, while only 40% wanted to keep him in power.”

“The previous Survey USA/San Diego Union Tribune poll from May found 36% in favor of the recall with 47% opposed,” the report adds.

When asked who should replace Newsom:

Democrat Kevin Paffrath, a YouTuber and real estate broker, takes 27% of the replacement vote today.

Paffrath draws particular support from younger voters, Latinos, Democrats and liberals, and leads 12:1 among those who who are opposed to recalling Newsom. Paffrath leads 2:1 in greater Los Angeles and by 35 points in urban parts of the state.

Republican Larry Elder, a talk radio host, attorney, and documentary filmmaker, takes 23%. Elder runs strongly among older voters, among Republicans and conservatives, and leads among independents 27% to 19%. Elder leads 2:1 in the Inland Empire and by 30 points in rural CA.