BREAKING: New Poll of KEY Swing-State Voters Is Good News for Trump!

According to the results of a new poll, swing-state voters in the Midwest support President Trump’s efforts to increase security at the US southern border, as well as his overall immigration policies.

With the 2020 election drawing ever nearer, a majority of Midwest voters are now looking to support Trump due to his stance on immigration, as the crisis at the US-Mexico border worsens each month.

For Democrats, swing-state voters in the Midwest have proven difficult to reach, and continue to prove a challenge, as the left increasingly focuses its 2020 campaign efforts on coastal cities with large populations of migrants.

From Breitbart:

Independent adults in the critical Midwest region back President Donald Trump’s immigration push, according to a Washington Post poll.

Forty percent of the Midwest independents say they are more likely to support Trump in 2020 because of his immigration policies, while 36 percent say those policies make them less likely to support Trump, according to the poll. Twenty-two percent say immigration policies are not a factor.

Almost two-thirds — 63 percent — of GOP-supporting adults support his immigration policies. Only 16 say they oppose the policies.

The Midwest data is important partly because the Democrats’ support for easy immigration is concentrated in the Democratic-dominated West and the Northeast. For example, 53 percent of the Post‘s respondents in the West and 57 percent of respondents in the Northwest say they oppose Trump’s immigration policies. Also, respondents who declare themselves to be Democrats or “lean Democratic” overwhelmingly say they oppose Trump’s immigration policies, in large part because they oppose Trump.

In 2016, Trump gained from Midwest opposition to cheap-labor immigration.

The 2016 data was ignored by establishment and media pollsters through the 2016 election, ensuring a massive surprise on election night when Trump broke through the Democrats’ “blue wall.”

The new Washington Post poll of 1,001 adults likely also understates support for Trump’s immigration policies, which have been portrayed by Democrats and the media as racist and vindictive.