BREAKING: New Poll Is Good News for Trump’s 2020 Chances

According to the results of a new poll coming from Georgetown University, a substantial number of American voters approve of President Trump’s economic policies during his time in the White House, boding well for his 2020 election chances.

With the results indicating nearly 60% of Americans currently approve of Trump’s handling of the US economy, an almost equal number are similarly afraid of a possible turn in the thriving economy, leaving many voters certain to back the incumbent president.

Now, with the 2020 election drawing ever nearer, even Democrat pollsters and analysts are increasingly pointing out that their party, which appears fractured and lacking in both unity and a common message to voters, must focus on the economy, or risk another loss.

From NTK Network:

A new Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Policy “Battleground Poll” released on Tuesday showed the overwhelming majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy, which is a good sign for the president’s 2020 reelection campaign.

According to the poll, 58 percent of voters approve of Trump’s handling economy. This comes despite Trump’s own unfavorable rating being at 55 percent.

The poll also found that 58 percent of voters are either very or somewhat worried about an economic downturn.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake told NBC News that the poll shows that the Democratic Party needs to focus on the economy, or “it will find itself in serious jeopardy for the 2020 election.”

Meanwhile, Republican pollster Ed Goeas thinks the economy is Trump’s ticket to reelection, telling NBC News that if Trump focuses on it in 2020, he could “win over voters who might be put off by his sometimes abrasive personal style.”