BREAKING: New Poll Has Biden Leading Trump in Arizona by 9 Points

A new Arizona poll has former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump by a 52-43 margin.

In 2016, President Trump took the state with 11 electoral votes from Hillary Clinton by a margin of 48.1% to 44.6%.

There are some indications that the state may have moved left in the years since, including the 2018 election win of Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema over Republican Martha McSally.


Per OhioPredictiveInsights, as Arizona residents endure a stay-at-home order and thousands of people suffer from coronavirus, President Donald Trump continues to fall in a head-to-head matchup with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden has expanded his lead over Trump in the April edition of OHPI’s Arizona Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP), now leading the president 52 to 43 with 5 percent of voters undecided.

This nine-point advantage for Biden is a sign the former vice president continues to gain traction in a historically ruby-red state. After a December poll showed Biden trailing the president, capping off a summer and autumn of decline for the vice president, he jumped to a six point lead in March and has increased that margin an additional three points in the month since.

“What is interesting is the incredibly small margin between Trump’s ceiling and floor of support against Biden,” said Mike Noble, Chief of Research at Phoenix-based public opinion polling and market research company OH Predictive Insights. “Trump’s biggest pain-point is in Maricopa County and will need to triage that if he hopes to carry Arizona’s eleven Electoral College votes come November.”

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